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Early Signs You’ll Have Power Struggles in Your Relationship

A power struggle can be defined as a situation where both parties begin to compete for power in a relationship. Power struggles usually occur right after the honeymoon stage has ended. Learn when to pause and re-access the trajectory of your relationship by paying attention to these red flags.

  • You begin to notice that you and your partner are constantly criticizing each other.
  • When small decisions become a pressure point and often turn into arguments. Fighting over who is right is not that important.
  • You find that you or your partner have less and less interest in planning special things for each other (for example; a romantic dinner, a birthday or Valentine’s Day surprise, etc.).

There is, of course, something you can do about it. It’s always good to be on the lookout for early symptoms or issues and communicate with your partner to understand what is contributing to these behaviors. Often couples find that they aren’t the best at communicating specific wants and needs to each other, which is a huge contributor to power struggles in relationship.

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