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How Online Dating Impacts Your Emotions

Like social media, online dating can be addicting. How does all the time we spend swiping on potential matches impact our emotions? We surveyed our users to find out whether or not dating apps were boosting them up or bringing them down. Turns out, online dating can be a quick fix for loneliness or anxiety. We surveyed 10,000 of our members, and found:


  • 89% reported feeling happy when they match with someone on the platform
  • 82% said they felt less lonely when connecting with someone online
  • Of those who reported feeling depressed during the Fall and Winter months, 79% said they turn to online dating as a quick fix to their anxiety or sadness
  • 93% noted that online dating makes them feel more confident in themselves
  • 86% strongly agree that online dating is a good way to deal with sadness/being alone during the holidays
  • 80% would recommend using platforms like to friends who are dealing with seasonal depression or feeling lonely during the holidays
  • 75% strongly agree that compliments from strangers online are just as impactful as compliments from someone in person

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