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Signs Your Partner is Emotionally Neglecting You

Make sure you’re paying attention to these tell-tale sign of emotional instability. If any of the following instances exist it your relationship, it’s time to go.

You start to feel self-doubt: Often times, women who are lacking emotional support report feeling worthless and that their confidence levels are shot. If your partner is neglecting your feelings and emotions, you might start to feel you aren’t worth their time. Constantly being put down and told that your thoughts aren’t valued can cause you to transfer these feelings into your career, family and other social settings – leaving you feeling insignificant and doubting your abilities. Pay attention to a partner who ignores your comments, feelings or texts, changes the subject, or fails to bring you up when you are down. These are all signs of emotional neglect.

You find that you’re asking all of the questions: Are you the one driving conversations; constantly asking how your partner’s day went or if they are interested in hanging out later? It’s normal and common to feel something is missing when your partner is emotionally neglecting you and failing to hold up their end of the bargain. Relationships are two way streets. Odds are, if your partner never makes plans to spend time with you and fails to ask simple questions like how you’re doing, they aren’t interested. It’s best to say goodbye to this kind of relationship before you become even more invested.

You’re always the one being blamed: No one wins when you play the blame game. If your partner is blaming you for every little thing, it’s a serious sign of emotional neglect that can lead to depression and self-doubt. They are likely blaming you so they don’t have to deal with their own emotions or own self-worth issues. When your partner begins to make you feel like everything is your fault, instead of hearing you out, they don’t have your best interests at heart.

Consider your options! There are plenty of others out there who want you to grow, and to grow with you.

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