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Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship Before the New Year

If you’re look for ways to bring back the spark ahead of 2019, try some of our tips and tricks to ensure your New Year’s kiss is one for the ages.

  • Holiday activities that will help strengthen your bond.

The holidays are all about feeling closer to the ones you love. If you’re looking to strengthen the bond between you and your partner, capitalize on all of the memory making opportunities the holidays present. Take a moment among all of the hustle and bustle of the season to create special memories. Even traditional activities like tree decorating, snowy weekend getaways, and holiday shopping are opportunities to build your story. Find unique ways to create memories that stick out among holidays past. Each time you create a new moment with your partner, you continue to build your bond, ensuring you head into the New Year with great energy.

  • Get a thoughtful gift that will make them melt.

Get your partner a gift that will start 2019 off strong. Try brainstorming experiential gifts that show your partner you’re interested in their passions. Book a weekend getaway to a place they’ve always wanted to visit. Buy concert tickets for their favorite artist. Sign up for couples classes related to their interests. Not only are these kinds of gifts more meaningful than a pair of earrings or shoes, you can plan them for early in the new year, giving you and your significant other something to look forward, and something to make you feel more connected.

  • Create couples New Year resolutions together.

New Year’s resolutions aren’t always exactly fun. Make them exciting by achieving goals with your partner. Whether your resolution is to hit the gym, read more books or find a new job, don’t tackle it alone. You can even incorporate a sense of friendly competition and race to achieve goals. Having your loved one by your side will not only motivate you and inspire you, you’ll fall in love all over again when you see your partner putting in the work!

  • Recreate your favorite date nights from 2018.

With so much change happening in the New Year, it’s nice to remind your partner that your feelings for them will always remain the same. How can you do this? Think of your favorite date from 2018, and recreate it! You can keep things interesting by choosing a different Broadway show, restaurant or museum, but stick with the same premise and sequence of events, so the date takes your lover back in time to a day you both think of fondly. Not only will you get major brownie points for the romance, you’ll automatically ignite the flames you felt during that original date.