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What Can Affect When You Will Meet Your Soulmate?

What’s holding you back from finding the one? weighs in on the common misconception of an idealized moment when you first meet your soulmate.

Start with you.

In general, people tend to focus so much on finding the one, and not finding themselves first. It is going to take a lot of trial and error before you meet your perfect match. Odds are, your first few relationships may be circumstantial; you attend the same school, live in the same town, or you just find them attractive. It takes time to understand what you really need in a partner, and what you need for yourself. Once you figure this out, it will be easier to tell if you’ve found the one. Nobody knows when this will be; it may be at the coffee shop tomorrow, or in 15 years at your best friend’s wedding. If people stop focusing on timing and rather focus on what’s currently in front of them, they will be better suited to find their soulmate.

To make sure you’re ready, keep these three things in mind:

  • Confidence – It may not seem important, but confidence can make or break opportunities and relationships. If you aren’t confident in yourself, not only will you be afraid to approach that person at the bar, you won’t recognize your self-worth enough to build a strong and meaningful relationship. Your lack of confidence will always get in the way of taking things to the next level and establishing a “soulmate” bond.


  • Their Social Network – No, you don’t have to have 100 friends on speed dial to find the one. But yes, you do have to put yourself out there. Whether that means logging on to dating apps, heading to the bar or café, or even taking yoga or acting classes, putting yourself out in the world will attract positive energy and ultimately aid in you meeting your soulmate. Many people say their plan is to “wait for the right person to come along.” The truth is: it’s 2019! Life is much more fast-paced. If you plan to wait, you’ll probably end up waiting for a very long time. Be proactive and get yourself out there.


  • Your Career – Being career oriented is great. However, if you are focused on achieving big goals – starting a company, or working in a very demanding field – your love life might take a back seat. For people in these situations, dating apps are a great option. You can meet people on your down time, on your own terms, without getting dressed up and going to the bar on a weeknight.

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