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What You Need To Know Before Getting A Pet Together With Your Partner

Before making the ultimate commitment and starting a modern “family,” there are a several responsibilities and possible outcomes to consider in order to make sure your relationship is strong enough to support another life.

Make sure you can envision a future together

It’s important to get a temperature check on your relationship, and align on what the future looks like for you and your partner. For example, you don’t want to get a pet with someone who is not committed and fully on board with the idea – or is having doubts about your relationship. If you are noticing any of the following warning signs, it may be best to take it slow:

  • They don’t take care of themselves – If your partner can’t take care of themselves, there is no way they will be able to look after a pet, too. There’s a level of maturity and responsibility required as it’s not easy to take care of a life.
  • You find your partner is constantly putting off chores – If your partner can’t handle their current responsibilities, it’s hard to imagine they’ll be able to adapt to the additional responsibilities that come from being a pet owner.

Consider the costs.

It’s easy to underestimate how expensive pets are. They require food, toys, vet care, grooming, cages and more. It is very important to understand if you and your partner can handle the financial responsibility that comes along with getting a pet.

A lot of people say that getting a pet before moving in together can potentially put extra stress on the relationship. However, getting a pet shows signs of commitment and stability, and can sometimes benefit your relationship and prepare you for what is to come in the near future.

Have a back-up plan

No matter what the circumstance, having a fall back plan is always recommended. Discussing how you and your partner would spilt responsibilities and custody over your pet if you broke up should be a priority. Obviously while you might never think you and your partner will break up, never say never.

That said, if you and your partner are aware of – and ready for! – the  responsibilities of caring for another life, then go for it. Owning a pet can be one of the best bonding experiences and gives you two the chance to positively impact the world.

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